HR Policies

Hr Policies

  • Employee has to report to his reporting manager on daily basis and have to send DSR at the end of day fore sure
  • Attendance of sales team will be marked basis DSR
  • National holidays will be considered as by default holidays
  • if an employee wants to go on leave,He will have to give prior information to reporting manager and HR. Unless and until the reason is genuine and subsequently approved by the reporting manager,leave will not be approved by HR.
  • every one has to follow the formal dress code and wear id card of the company.
  • Salary of employees will be processed between 5th to 10th of the following month
  • Employee will be governed by statutory laws enacted by Central/State Govt.or local authorities as applicable time to time.
  • Probation period will be of six months from the date of joining,the employee will be considered confirmed only after review of performances during probation period by Reporting Manager,HR and Management.
  • During the probation period, if any employee wish to switch the company,He/she is supposed to give notice 15 days in advance in writing to HR.
  • If any confirmed employee wish to switch the company,He/She is supposed to give notice 30 days in advance in writing to HR.
  • After confirmed,Employee will enjoy the holiday as per appliance in state,but salary will be deducted days wise basis in case of probation period.
  • Tour expenses will be cleared only when tour plan is approved prior of traveling by the Reporting manager & HR.
  • Employee’s salary would be 80% fix and 20% variable based upon accomplishment of set target of particular month.
  • If employee achieved 80% of his/her target,He/She is eligible for whole(Fix + Variable)salary.if completes 100% of target,then 3%incentive on margin will be attributed over & above full salary.
  • Annual appraisal(salary/Designation/Both)will be considered basis review of monthly performance of an employee.
  • If dual employment is found then employee will be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Organization can change/transfer of any employee in any division and location.